Being a Process Psychology Student by Vanessa

I first discovered Process Psychology in 1995, and was instantly impressed to discover that it helped me to develop, without making me wrong for being the way I was. I have been a keen learner of Process work ever since, and became a formal student in 2006. I love my studies; they stretch me in ways I never thought possible, and introduce me to aspects of myself that are really helpful for living a full and enriching life.

Studying Process work partly involves learning a large variety of different tools and skills that are helpful in any aspect of life - in relationships, decision making, navigating work problems, managing people more effectively, etc. The communication skills I learn make a significant difference to my professional and personal relationships. I also now have a much better capacity to understand and unlock dynamics inside me and around me, and to work with them more effectively.


As a student, a significant part of my learning also involves practicing the art of being more fluid and facilitative in life. I think that as humans we all have enormous capacity and potential, yet we tend to limit ourselves to a few well-worn beliefs about ourselves and the world. Or is that just me?! There are some advantages to having a reliable way of being in the world, but it can also be very restrictive and unhelpful.

Process work helps me to move beyond those habitual paths by giving me new and tangible experiences of myself and the world. Over time, as my experience expands, I am letting go of having to either be in control or feel out of control. I am becoming more open minded and more able to truly facilitate situations, rather than just reacting in the same old way. I also grow in my capacity to trust myself and trust life, and to become more facilitative and co-creative with the forces of my life. It’s a wild, fantastic ride!

I work in organisations as a consultant and management coach, and also one on one, as a therapist. I use Process work as the central ‘lens’ through which I do all of my work. I’ve had a lot of experience of many different tools and techniques for management, consulting and therapy. These are all often quite helpful, and Process work allows me the freedom to draw on them all. However, what is unique about Process work is that it teaches us how to detect and follow the flow of the underlying process, and the tools and techniques are chosen depending on the direction that process is going. This is difficult to explain, and much more easily understood through experience. Suffice to say that because the method follows rather than leads, people experience it as a collaborative, creative and very fast way of bringing about helpful insight and change.

I’m looking forward to qualifying as a Process work ‘Diplomat’, and yet I know I will continue to be a student. Process work is really a lifelong learning path, because it is about being open to not knowing, to learning from the moment itself, and discovering where to go from that moment.

Additionally, I love being a member of the Process learning community; a very supportive, diverse and inspirational bunch of people. I’ve built some fantastic friendships through my studies, and know I will continue to do so. If you are even slightly curious about Process work, I strongly encourage you to come along to a training or workshop and give it a go. It will be great to meet you!

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