Our Organisation


It all started in 2006 when Australia Process Oriented Psychology (APOP) and Processwork Aotearoa collaborated to host the global Process Work conflict training conference, World Work, in Sydney.

During the conference, a conversation began between Claus Bargmann from Aotearoa and Shar Edmunds from APOP, that would later lead to the merging of the two schools in 2007 to serve and enhance the learning of students in both schools.

ANZPOP thus emerged, supported by the eldership of Drs Arnold Mindell, Julie Diamond, and Max Schupbach.


Our original founding Diplomates were Dr Silvia Camastral, Claus Bargmann, Dr Shar Edmunds, Sherry Marshall, Dr Gerald Maclaurin, Dr Susan Hatch, Alan Richardson, Dr Jane Martin, Andrew Lindsay, Lynne Baker, Kay Ryan, and Trevor Edmond.

Maurice Shaw is also remembered for his kind and generous eldership, and his incredible legacy of Phase I exam notes – a key resource for all our students.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength in striving for our mission to deliver rigorous training in Process Oriented Psychology. We are the only training organisation in Australia and New Zealand recognised by the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology to deliver the full Diplomate Training Pathway.


ANZPOP is a registered not-for-profit educational organisation, governed by an Executive Board which delegates a variety of responsibilities to other committees.

Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to ensure the legal and financial obligations of the organisation are met and to facilitate the development of the organisation over time.

The current members are:

Dr Susan Hatch – President

Dr Silvia Camastral – Secretary

Dr Julia Wolfson – Treasurer

Rebecca Lang – General member

Liz Scarfe – Executive Director

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for facilitating discussions of ethical issues pertaining to the training and practice of Process Oriented Psychology in Australia and New Zealand and for dealing with any complaints pertaining to ANZPOP training programs.

The current members are:

Dr Jane Martin

Dr Gerald Maclaurin

Liz Scarfe