Our Organisation

ANZPOP is a learning-based training institute focussed on bringing Process Work (also known as Process Oriented Psychology) ever more fully into the world.
We do this through a range of programs, from entry-level training, right through the most advanced Process Work training available globally, the Diplomate Training Program, as recognised by the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology.
We also seek to evolve the Process Work paradigm and it’s applications through collaborative research and innovation programs.

As a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission and an Incorporated Association with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading, we value both the governance rigour supported by these registrations, along with the benefits of inclusive and collaborative organisational structures and processes that align with our values.


ANZPOP is and has always been, a democratic enterprise, meaning our faculty members not only teach in the organisation, but also conduct the day-to-day operations and administration of the organisation, and make all all major decisions by consensus.

ANZPOP employs a ‘best of both worlds’ approach. We value the vitality of role clarity, structured collaboration and consensus decision-making and integrate them into our distributed organisational leadership practice.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee attends to our legal and pecuniary responsibilities; facilitates our strategic planning processes; and, supports the Executive Director. The committee comprises both faculty Diplomates and non-faculty specialists. The current Executive is:

President: Dr Julia Wolfson

Vice President: Bec Lang

Sectretary: Dr Silvia Camastral 

Treasurer: Rick Mandelson, B. Comm. FCMA, CGMA,  NTAAF

The Core Faculty

The Core Faculty attends to the operations of the organisation and is only comprised of faculty Diplomates. The current Core Faculty is:

Senior Faculty Mentor: Dr Silvia Camastral.

Executive Director: Liz Scarfe – strategic plan implementation and coordination of operations.

Diplomate Training Program Lead: Bec Lang – leadership and management of the Diplomate Training Program.

Public Program Lead: Beck Ronkson – curation and coordination of public trainings.

Innovation Hub Lead: Dr Julia Wolfson – leadership and management of the Innovations Hub.

Administrative Services Lead: Dr Julia Wolfson – internal scheduling and data management.

Learning & Development Lead: Grzegorz Zielinksi – coordinates ongoing faculty learning and development.

Website & Communications Lead: Liz Scarfe – manages the website and associated technology platforms, and external communications about programs.


In 2006 Australia Process Oriented Psychology (APOP) and Processwork Aotearoa collaborated to host the global Process Work conflict training conference, World Work, in Sydney.
During the conference, a conversation began the two schools that led to a merging in 2007 to enhance the learning of students in both schools.
ANZPOP thus emerged, supported by the eldership of Drs Arnold Mindell, Julie Diamond, and Max Schupbach.
The original founding Diplomates were Dr Silvia Camastral, Claus Bargmann, Dr Shar Edmunds, Sherry Marshall, Dr Gerald Maclaurin, Dr Susan Hatch, Dr Jane Martin, Andrew Lindsay, Lynne Baker, Kay Ryan, Alan Richardson, and Trevor Edmond.
Maurice Shaw is also remembered for his kind and generous eldership, and his incredible legacy of Phase I exam study notes – a key resource for our Diplomate students.

The Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty members are not involved, by choice, in the day-to-day running of the organisation. As well as Core Faculty members, they deliver public training programs and offer training, therapy, supervision and study support in the Diplomate Training Program. The current Adjunct Faculty members are: 

Claus Bargmann, Dr Gerald Maclaurin, Dr Jane Martin, Lynne Baker, Dr Martin Hemsley, Nicole Kinnaird, and Dr Susan Hatch.

Non Faculty Roles

ANZPOP is supported by another two roles:

  • an Administration Officer who manages our external communication channels and provides administrative support for our public programs.
  • an External Faculty Supervisor – inline with IAPOP requirements for all Diplomate training schools, we are enriched by the support of our external faculty supervisor/mentor, Jan Dworkin.

Community Collaborators

We regularly invite non-faculty Process Work Diplomates, and others with either extensive training in Process Work or content/topic specialists to deliver training and innovation programs with us.

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