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Beck is a Facilitator, Coach, Psychotherapist and Consultant with a background in Theatre and Community Cultural Development. She sees individual clients as a Psychotherapist and Coach, driven by a purpose of supporting people to unfold their unique potential and connect with their personal power. She consults to large systems-wide organisations and smaller regional initiatives and groups to do the same thing: to build upon the already present capacity within individuals, communities and systems, by focusing on reflection, skills and structures to support collaboration, Community self-determination and Adaptive Leadership for systems change.

I love how Process Work encourages us to be deeply open and yet also rigorous, holding a balance between accepting and flowing with nature whilst giving you highly specific and detailed tools to work with the dynamics at play. It supports us to lean into the unknown in a co-creative act, to see meaning in disturbances and to deeply embrace diversity on a personal and collective level. Personally, it has enabled me to deeply understand myself, which has influenced my life far more than I ever thought it would – grounding me as a basis for the work I do in the world.  Process Work itself is so multidimensional it supports me to embrace my own multidimensionality – speaking to the parts of me that are drawn to the creative, healing, patterns, systems, structures and ultimately, depth. It has given me personal tools for facing whatever comes, and collective tools for working with conflict, power and relational dynamics.

Beck has worked in communities for more than 20 years. She was the Director of Milk Crate Theatre, working with people with a lived experience of homelessness and complex mental health. Beck has run group programs for Mission Australia, St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, Wesley Mission, Richmond PRA, in Juvenile Justice, CALD & Indigenous communities, and in schools. She regularly facilitates collaborations of multiple stakeholders, including Local Area Health services, community housing providers, corporate organisations, large and small NGOs, often in the areas of housing, mental health and community self-determination.  In 2010 she was listed in the Sydney Magazine’s (Fairfax Media) 100 most influential people for her work within the homeless community of Sydney and is a Network Associate with Collaboration for Impact.


BA (Honours) Theatre

Process work Diplomate



International Association of Process Oriented Psychology

Psychotherapy & Counsellors Federation of Australia


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