BE YOUR VALENTINE: Ways to Celebrate!

by Lynne Baker


I woke this morning with a dream about a woman who is struggling to connect with a man she was attracted to. I could see she is a beautiful soul and creative person with lots of integrity. I gave her one of my mother’s gorgeous old-fashioned gold cased lipsticks (they were popular in the 1950s and 1960s).


She needed the power of the golden lipstick to see herself as beautiful, and as worthy of love and admiration. The dream reminded me to celebrate this day by appreciating how gorgeous and desirable we all are. We are all unique and loveable, our own authentic selves with our gifts for the world.


Here are ten ways to celebrate you. You may want to pick one or do them all!


  1. Buy yourself a new lipstick. So maybe you’re not a lipstick kind of person. The idea is buy yourself a gift that makes you feel beautiful. What special item can you wear that makes you feel gorgeous and special?


  1. Bring some flowers into your home. We all have a favourite flower that pleasures our senses. Give yourself a treat and buy or pick some flowers and place them in a spot you can admire them and appreciate your own unique beauty at the same time.


  1. Wake up your taste buds. Take yourself out and find your favourite food. You may want to eat out, bring home your special treat, or cook yourself a yummy meal. Take time to really enjoy eating it and give thanks to your amazing hunting and gathering skills.


  1. Write a list of five things you appreciate about yourself. Be sure to incorporate the kind of things you would wish an adoring lover to say. For example, you have a beautiful smile, you have great dance moves, you have great taste, you are kind and generous etc.


  1. Book yourself in for a massage facial or healing session. Don’t wait for someone else to gift it to you. Our bodies need pampering and touch. Be open to rejuvenating and enliven your body mind and spirit. You are worth it!


  1. Enroll in a course you are interested in. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s been there on your laptop, a postcard on your fridge, or a note in your diary for too long. Time to do it, enroll today!


  1. Take time to enjoy Nature. Spending even ten minutes in a garden can be healing. Spend time alone, if you can, lying on the grass, at the beach, walking in a park.


  1. Phone a friend and wish them a happy day. Be sure to tell them how much you value having them in your life. Give them a compliment and see how this opens up your relationship further.


  1. Spend time in silence. You may like to meditate but you can just spend ten minutes with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and quiet your mind. Ask your soul a question if you like and listen intently to the answer as you would a close friend. For example, how can I celebrate myself today?


  1. Play, have fun and relax. Plan an afternoon where you take yourself on an outing, doing things that allow your playful side to emerge. Play your favourite music and dance or relax in a comfortable nurturing space. Have an afternoon nap, read a funny story, get out your paints and pastels, make a sand castle.


Life can be joyful if we give ourselves time to have fun!





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