2019 Cohort Course Materials

Two-Year Professional Training in Process Oriented Counselling and Facilitation


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First Training Seminar, Module 2: Innerwork in the Context of Transpersonal Counselling

Required Reading

Anthropology of Consciousness
Siegel 2007 Reflections on the Mindful brain
Siegel 2009 Mindful Awareness, Mindsight and Neural Integration


Second Training Seminar, Module 3: The Psychodynamic Tradition

Required Reading

Corsini 2014 Ch 2 Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies
Corsini Ch 2 Psychoanalysis
Contemporary Psychodynamic-Based Therapies


Third Training Seminar, Module 5: Third Wave – Narrative, Gestalt and Rogerian

Required Reading

Corsini Ch 5 Person Centred Therapy
Corsini Ch 9 Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Introduction to Narrative Therapy

Optional Reading

Beating Sneaky Poo


Fifth Training Seminar, Module 9: Best Practice for Working with Trauma and Abuse

Required Reading

Approaches to the Treatment of PTSD by van der kolk

Optional Reading by Topic


Attachment and Trauma, Purnell
Attachment, BPD and the Structural Dissociation of Personality Delores Mosquera
Healing Attachment Trauma Schwartz
The case for attachment theory Siegal


Healing Trauma Pain Through Polyvagal Science Porges et al
Levine et al – Somatic experiencing using interoception and proprioception as core elements of trauma therapy
Sensorimotor approach to the treatment of trauma and dissociation Ogden et al


All Conditions Normal Eduardo Duran
Injury Where Blood Does Not Flow Duran
Trauma and Dissociation – Neurological and Spiritual Perspectives Simington
Trauma and Spirituality Siedlecki

Structural Dissociation

Attachment, BPD and the Structural Dissociation of Personality Delores Mosquera.
Dissociation-and-complex-trauma Uygen
Phase-Oriented Treatment of Structural Diss in Complex Traumatisation Steele et al
The Treatment of Structural Dissociation Janina Fisher


Healing the American Indian Soul Wound Handbook of Intergenerational Trauma Duran
Intergenerational Trauma from a Mental Health Perspective Menzies
Liberation Psychology as the Path to Healing Cultural Soul Wounds Duran et al
Transgeneration Trauma Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland
Trauma, transgenerational transfer and effects on community wellbeing. J. Atkinson et al



Sixth Training Seminar, Module 11:  Optimal Approaches to Working with Mental Health Issues and Addiction

Required Reading

NIHM Links
Being Prozac
Homage to RD Laing – A New Politics of Experience
Interview with Arny Mindell on Extreme States
Message in a Bottle – Process Work with Addictions
The City’s Shadow