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Your Creative Practice

August 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am - November 4, 2019 @ 5:00 pm UTC+0

$380 – $420

Download the flier here or read on for more information.

If you are a bit stuck in life, looking for deeper meaning or where you are at, or yearning to develop a creative practice in your life – come and join us in this 12 week online course!

This course was sparked by a small crisis of meaning in my life at the beginning of this year. I realised that my “stuckness” was an obstruction to go forward in my usual way. I decided to go deeper into the essence experience rather than push forward. Out of that came the idea to do this course with others who might want to join me and commit to a daily creative practice.  I invite you to join me and commit to creativity by free style writing, walking and inner work explorations, connecting to your underlying dreaming.

I have run this course for 12 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating, guiding, supporting and learning with the participants in a mutual space of creative exchange.

Participants have said:

“I am enlivened and nourished from your elderful facilitating of the creative practice course Silvia !!! The PW dimension gave me new understandings.”

“The group kept me grounded when I could easily have gone off on certain tangents. It was amazing to touch base with such a lovely group of people and I enjoyed this immensely. My only complaint is that it is now finished.”

“As I practiced the creative exercises I became less critical,  in better synch or closeness with my creative self. There’s a pleasure and satisfaction in that.”

“When I came to this course I was in a very dark and chaotic inner space. The creative inner focus was extremely healing. Along the way, I discovered so many strengths that I had forgotten and found several new inner allies that I look forward to learning about over the next months. “

“The course was spacious and varied. Listening to the other participants was precious and stimulating. Twelve weeks was just the right length.”

Some more info:

How much time is involved?  Roughly 1 hour per day (20 min freestyle writing, 20 min walking and 20 min for your inner work) in whatever order works in your life.

Why daily writing? Many years ago I read the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, (1992) and found her “morning pages” very valuable in getting “unstuck” in writing and other aspects of my life at the time. I have taken up this practice again and am finding it incredibly rewarding. This is why I am suggesting 20-30 minutes writing freestyle – no censoring and re-reading, just “writings things out of yourself” letting things arise …

Why daily Inner work? Process oriented inner work is an invaluable skill to develop an inner facilitator. The methods taught in this course will give you the skills to help you explore and unfold issues and experiences arising from your life or from the writing practice itself.

Dr Arnold Mindell, the originator of Process Oriented Psychology says:

Most meditation methods aim at getting rid of tension, calming the mind or avoiding outer influences.  Process oriented meditation focuses on those disturbances, seeing them as information that holds ‘the gold’

Working on yourself alone by Dr Arnold Mindell, (1990)

Why walking? We all know that even light walking exercise is good for our body and mind. Walking for 20-30 minutes helps us breathe more deeply and freely, lets reflection happen in an organic way, and lets us take in the nature around us. Noticing and delighting in simple things like the powerful beauty of a flowering Jacaranda Tree, a bird we haven’t seen before, the melody of a magpie song, or the babble and burble of the creek after rain…

So if this is your cup of tea and /or if you find yourself in one or more of the following statements, this course might just be for you.

Who is the course for?  

Your Creative Practice is for people who identify with any of the following statements:

  • I am struggling with accessing a deeper sense of creativity and energy …. I know it is somehow is there… I just can’t get at it
  • I get frustrated with the way I do my work – I know there is another level – something more rewarding, creative – inspiring – I just never have the time to explore it.
  • I feel frozen and stuck with creativity, even at work … I don’t even know where to start in going deeper and moving forward?
  • I feel flat and unmotivated, just plodding along and feel dissatisfied in my life …
  • I keep myself busy to fill the emptiness that I sense in myself…
  • I keep dreaming of a “retreat to find myself” but I don’t have the money or the time to go there…
  • I watch endless hours of TV or Netflix or being on social media to distract myself from my sense of “low mood”
  • I over-commit myself and am swamped with work …
  • I get into making space for creativity and meditation but I never stick to it for more than a few weeks…

What you get from this 12-week course

  • Getting to know the Process Work model and its basic and newest methods using Phase awareness
  • Insights coming from the 12 weeks of meditation practice
  • 12 online Zoom sessions with demonstrations of the exercises
  • 12 weeks guidance and support from me and participants
  • Group support
  • Commitment to yourself and your deeper creativity
  • Practice the “muscle of perseverance” and the satisfaction coming from that
  • Tips for the daily writing
  • Chance to explore your obstacles and inner demons inner critics and censors
  • Physical exercise of walking
  • Group sharing of our joys and struggles with the daily writings and walking experiences.
  • Over the course, we will focus on “process oriented inner work methods” focusing on the areas of creative edges, obstacles, inner critics, life stages, childhood and recurring dreams, life myth experiences, working with body awareness, physical symptoms, relationship awareness, community spiritual and world awareness issues.

Course Outline

Week 1             Zoom session: Introduction to the course. Writing and walking. Inner work exercise on Deep Democracy concept

Week 2             Zoom session. Daily free writing, inner work on childhood dream life myth

Week 3             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work and life stage, emerging critics, censors

Week 4             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on professional edges, patterns and obstacles

Week 5             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on relationships explorations

Week 6             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on exploring dreams

Week 7             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on “giving up” edges

Week 8             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on perseverance and dreams

Week 9             Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on build creative community and support

Week 10           Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on edges to “get out into the world “

Week 11           Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work on “What’s next? What have I found and where do I go with that?”

Week 12           Zoom session. Writing and walking, inner work, how to continue, sticking to the newly created lifestyle, what do I keep and what do I let go?

The Facilitator

Silvia Camastral is a Process Oriented psychotherapist and counsellor. She has a PhD in General Psychology, a Masters of Counselling and a Diploma of Process Oriented Psychology (also Process Work). She works in her private practice in Brisbane and teachers Process Work Australia wide and internationally and has over 25 years of experience in this field. Silvia is a senior faculty member ANZPOP, (Australian and New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology) training program and the coordinator of the 2 Year professional POP Training in Counselling and Facilitation. Silvia is a sessional academic at QUT where she lectures in the Counselling Units and teaches in supervision in the Masters of Counselling. She also works as a clinical supervisor at ACAP.  More info about can be found at www.silviacamastral.com


August 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am
November 4, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
$380 – $420




Silvia Camastral
(07) 3309-2218