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March 2024

Facilitation Master Class Series

Truly transformative group work is the dream of almost every facilitator but often feels beyond our grasp. We’ve identified five of the key issues that often trouble facilitators and developed the corresponding competencies to give you more skills, insight and confidence to go deeper in your work with groups.
11 Mar - 13 May
April 2024

The Skillful Conversation

Understanding how the structure of language works – how it can help or hinder clients to go deeper in their process – is essential in therapy. Small tweaks to how we understand and use language and paralanguage can make all the difference.
06 Apr

Good with Words

Skills, confidence, and congruence for communication. Language has power and language is learnable. Join us for an in-depth exploration of how to understand and use language, especially the hidden-in-plain-sight (and sound) aspects.
09 - 23 Apr
May 2024

Working with Inner Criticism

Skills, insights, and tools to deepen your ‘inner critic’ work – for therapists (and therapists-in-training). Inner criticism is THE psychological issue of our times. It’s a long-term process both in the individual and the culture, and there are no quick fixes (sorry). But there are more (and less) effective ways of working with it.
01 - 15 May
June 2024

Trauma-Informed Facilitation

For people who work with any and all kinds of groups, who want to learn how to design trauma-informed group spaces and build the skills and confidence to respond well when people get triggered in groups. Bringing together trauma and facilitation theory and practice, with Process Work’s awareness framework for deep transformation. Online, six hours […]
18 - 25 Jun
July 2024

Therapy Master Class

Being a therapist is both personally and professionally demanding. It frequently challenges our identity and values, and regularly provokes our own personal complexes. Our efficacy comes from our own inner development and what we do with these challenges (not what brand of interventions we use with clients).
03 Jul - 14 Aug
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