A bit daunted about setting up Private Practice or feeling icky about marketing yourself?

Ready to take action but not sure where to start?

Feeling a bit alone in the journey?

Setting up private practice is daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone!

In this group coaching program, you can band together with other folks treading a similar path, to set up your own uniquely-yours private practice.

Practitioners are most successful when they follow their own path of heart in their work and so this program is designed to help you work out what kind of practice follows your deepest calling, supports your life goals, commitments and responsibilities, whilst also making sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s of legal requirements, professional boundaries and duty-of-care.


This program is perfect for counselling/therapy students yet to graduate, new graduates, and established practitioners working in services but wanting to start a private practice.

It’s also suited for those who’ve set up the framework of private practice but are stuck at the how to get clients bit.

But you have to be ready to take action, to do the things. You don’t have to do all the things, but you have to have some time to attend the group calls and complete some tasks between calls.

If you are still in the contemplative phase and are not ready to get started building your private practice, now isn’t the right time for this course (it will run again in 2021).

The program is rooted in a process-oriented approach but you don’t need any knowledge of Process Work to find the program useful – students and practitioners from all paradigms and schools are welcome.


We’ll meet online via Zoom every second Saturday morning from 9-11am (AEST, Melbourne time) for four sessions and you’ll have practice-building tasks to complete between sessions.

In the online sessions, we’ll mix it up between experiential exercises, Q&A time, and planning your next steps so that you come away from every session with specific tasks to be completed in the following week, based on where you’re at in the set-up process and guided by your own deeper dreaming.

We will also set up accountability partnerships within the group, whereby you check in with each other in the time between sessions to support each other with getting your tasks done. You might even have accountability sessions where you connect online via Skype or Zoom for an hour or two while you both sit and work on your practice at the same time. How much you utilise this support structure is up to you.

The program is limited to a maximum of fourteen participants so that everyone gets enough individual support.


A coaching program is different from a study program in that there isn’t a set agenda of content to deliver.

That being said, the biggest issue most people face in building a successful private practice is how to get clients, so we’ll spend a good bit of time exploring ethical and effective marketing so you implement strategies that work, and work for you. Therapists generally hate the idea of selling, so breathe easy, you never need to sell to be successful in private practice.

Depending on the individual needs in the group, we can also cover off:

  • legal requirements of private practice
  • finding/setting up a place to practice
  • financial management and payment systems
  • website design (if you want to have a website)
  • practice specialisations (niche-ing) – how to work out your niche and why it’s recommended
  • tools for developing great referral sources
  • the use of social media in private practice
  • how to structure your clinic days to ensure good clinical work, good boundaries, and sustainability in the profession
  • what you can and can’t do in your marketing efforts specific to the counselling/therapy profession
  • building in good self-care strategies right from the beginning
  • plus explore a host of different marketing strategies and their cost-benefit ratio.


Liz Scarfe is a Process Work Diplomate, the Executive Director of ANZPOP and a teaching faculty member of the Process Work Institute of India. She also holds qualifications in adult education, facilitation, management, and biological sciences and is currently studying a Masters in Culture, Heath and Medicine (medical anthropology).

Most importantly though, she spent a painful year trying almost every private practice marketing strategy around, learning too many lessons the hard way, to finally discover the intersection between what actually works and what feels congruent.

She now has a thriving private practice in Melbourne and a passion for supporting others to create theirs:

When I was setting up my private practice I really wanted a coach who knew about the nuances of modern marketing in the therapeutic sector, and was also process-oriented in that they would follow my signals and help unfold my path rather than just tell me what to do according to some template. 


“I thought the price was very reasonable when I signed up and now having done it, I would pay twice as much for the awesome information and support.”

“Thank you Liz, the course was terrific and even if it had been just a set of six group coaching sessions with whatever people brought up as discussion it would be a great learning experience as we all have similar worries and concerns and are interested in similar questions. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience and you have been very generous.”

“The course helped me get organised and get started. If I waited to be less busy then it would not have happened for a while. I feel a lot better prepared to start now.”

“Thank you, I can really feel your passion presenting this course and value the information and support.”

“One of the most useful things in the course was to discover the sort of clients we want to work with and how and who is attracted to us as a therapist.”



Saturdays, fortnightly, 9-11am (AEST, Melbourne time)


21 March, 4 & 18 April, 2 May

You will also need 2-4 hours a fortnight to do the tasks. If you don’t have this time, then you don’t have time to set up a private practice at the moment. Your first task on the road to a private practice will be to make time to create it.


You’ll need a fast enough internet connection for online video calling and device to do that from.

The sessions will be run on Zoom which is free to download onto your device.

A headset/headphones are also recommended to minimise background noise during the calls.


$484 (includes 10% GST) per person. 

Sessions will be recorded so if you’re unable to make all sessions you will be able to catch up via the recording (available for one week after the session).

Cancellations: If you withdraw from the course with more than seven days notice (by or before the 14th March), you will receive a refund of 90% of the course fee. Cancellations with less than seven days notice, but before the start of the course (from 15-20th March) will be refunded 50% of the course fee. Course fees will not be refunded once the course has started (from the 21st March) whether or not you have attended any sessions.


To ensure everyone gets enough individualised attention there is a maximum of fourteen spots in the program.

To register, just fill in the application form and pay the course fee below:


If you have any questions about the program, please book a 20-min phone chat with Liz directly in her diary here or email her at liz@cultivatingconfidence.net.