Living in an Unliveable World


There are so many ways this world is unliveable, particularly for those with marginalised lived experiences.

In a world often hostile to diversity, and sometimes just plain hostile, how can we also experience the wonder of this world?

We've brought together six facilitators from around the world, all with unique experiences of unliveable worlds, all finding a way to live in them.

Anton Yermolenko - Ukraine: Hunting the hunter: how a childhood dream can be a guiding principle in doing business

Anton is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and facilitator from Ukraine, and a Process Work Diplomate. He earned his diploma from the Deep Democracy Institute International where he is a member of the faculty and is also a co-developer of DDI Ukraine. His main passions are building platforms to empower communities, mountain biking, and dancing with inner dream figures.

SESSION: Friday 14th, April, 4pm-7pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Anna Pujol - Catalonia: Living with disability - the amazing world I found while trying to pretend I was normal.

Anna was born in Barcelona in the mid 1970’s. She lives in a beautiful area in the middle of Nature: “I can see the Pyrenees from my window!” She works as a facilitator with individual clients, organisations and social programs. She enjoys being on faculty with the Deep Democracy Institute and the Spanish Process Work School, where she also earned her Process Work diploma. She loves to enjoy the beauty of life through Nature and through her relationships.

SESSION: Friday 12th May, 4-7pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Venetia Bouronikou - Greece: LGBTQ+ existence in an Un(be)livable World; Inventing the missing blueprint in a heteronormative society

Venetia (she/her) is a psychologist and Process Work Diplomate, graduating from PWI in Portland. She is a white, cis, queer woman from Athens, Greece.
Venetia works as a therapist, supervisor, group facilitator and trainer and is a member of the scientific and training team at “Orlando LGBT+, Mental Health without Stigma”. She is interested in bringing awareness in the social context and is passionate about the interconnectedness of personal and social change.

SESSION: Friday 9th June, 5-8pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Eva Sanchez - Spain: Life, death and trauma, choosing creativity to create the world we dream

Eva is a therapist and facilitator living in Barcelona, Spain. She earned her Process Work Diploma with the Deep Democracy Institute and the Instituto Trabajo de Procesos y Democracia Profunda, where she is also on faculty. She also holds degrees in Social Education, Dance-Movement Therapy, and Art Therapy. Eva considers herself an eternal learner, passionate about creativity, nature, movement, and human relationships.

SESSION: Friday 7th July 4-7pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Makiko Tadokoro - Japan: Remembering universal history in yourself, tapping into your deepest source, and living your miracle

Makiko lives in Kanagawa, Japan. She earned her Process Work Diploma in PWI Portland, where she worked as a therapist at River’s Way Clinic and in PWI intensive courses. Makiko was actively involved in Worldwork seminars in Israel-Palestine and the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. She worked as an associate professor and counsellor in Nagoya University until 2015, then served for some years on faculty at the Japan Process Work Center. Makiko loves and enjoys nature and improvisation, having lived on a ship traveling halfway around the world. Makiko loves to learn to follow the process of the Tao and explore miracles of nature to facilitate each individual/group to connect with their essence/source to create their life.

SESSION: Thursday 10th August, 9 am – 12 noon Brisbane time (find your time here) 

Emmanuel Karisa Baya - Kenya: Creating liveable spaces for ourselves

Emmanuel lives in the deep rural coastal province of Kenya in Kilifi County. He is a Process Work Diplomate, a faculty member with the Deep Democracy Institute, and a co-developer of DDI East Africa. He is a regenerative farmer, conflict resolver, and politician. He and his wife co-founded the Magarini Children’s Centre where 300 orphans, vulnerable and marginalised children from surrounding communities live, enjoy life in community, go to school, and learn to grow food. Magarini’s Organic Demonstration Farm is a thriving agricultural education centre for local women to develop skills to create their own small businesses and enjoy a vibrant network of community collaborators.

SESSION: Friday 15th September, 4 – 7 pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

INTEGRATION SESSION - for attendees of the whole program

ANZPOP’s Innovation Programs Lead Dr Julia Wolfson facilitates an integration session for those registered for the whole program. A space to come together to reflect, and share learnings, new directions, applications and explorations, for Process Work and for how to live in an unliveable world. Included in the full-program registration fee – no additional cost.

SESSION: Friday 22nd September, 5 – 7 pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

All sessions are recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can still enjoy the explorations.

These seminars are for people with a wide range of personal and professional contexts, including people who…

have their own lived experiences of marginality

are keen to learn from and with people with different lived experiences from around the world

resonate with the question of “how to live fully in what can sometimes/in some ways, be a difficult world to live in?”

want to learn about lived experiences different to their own

work in the diversity, inclusion and equity area

work with experiences of marginality and belonging, whether that be personal or structural belonging, with others or in your own life

Meet Venetia Bouronikou from Greece, our next presenter…

Her seminar topic is LGBTQ+ existence in an Un(be)livable World; Inventing the missing blueprint in a heteronormative society


To support your learning process between and beyond the seminars, there are two additional, optional learning spaces available:

Learning Groups

No additional cost

For those registering for all six seminars, you have the option to join a small learning group (three people) and meet together between each online session to deepen and apply your learning. Experiential practices will be provided from each online session for learning groups to work with.

One-to-one Sessions

Additional cost

Work with a Process Work Diplomate in one-to-one sessions to ground the learning in your personal context. A list of Diplomates with fair trade fee options will be provided to participants to ensure equitable access. These sessions and fee payment are organised between the participant and the facilitator of their choice.


Session 1 – Anton Yermolenko – Friday 14th April, 4-7 pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Session 2 – Anna Pujol – Friday 12th May, 4-7 pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Session 3 – Venetia Bouronikou – Friday 9th June, 5-8pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Session 4 – Eva Sanchez – Friday 7th July, 4-7pm Brisbane time (find your time here)

Session 5 – Makiko Tadokoro – Thursday 10th August, 9am – 12 noon Brisbane time (find your time here)

Session 6 – Emmanuel Karisa Baya – Friday 15th September, 4-7pm Brisbane time (find your time here 

Integration Session – Friday 22nd September, 5-7pm Brisbane time (find your time here).

All sessions are recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can still enjoy the explorations.


Seminar fees are based on the economy in which you earn your income.

Standard and Concession rates are provided for those who have a Global North income (meaning you are paid based on the economy of a Global North country). If you earn the average or higher income for your country, or are asset rich, please pay the Standard Rate. If you earn below the average income for your country, please pay the Concession Rate.

If you earn a Global South income, email us at for significantly discounted or free registration.

If you’re income economy is somewhere in the middle, for example, some Eastern European economies, please use the Global North Concession Rate.


If you earn a Global North income, the fees for all six sessions are:

$580 Standard Rate,

$406 Concession Rate

Or to book sessions individually, the fees per session are:

$110 Standard Rate,

$77 Concession Rate

You can purchase the recordings of sessions already held by simply registering for those sessions.


Cancellations with 14 or more business days’ notice will be refunded in full.
Cancellations with less than 14 business days’ but more than two business days’ notice will receive a 50% fee refund.
Cancellations with two or less business days notice will not be refunded.
You’re welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else any time before the program starts – just let us know so we can welcome them properly. 

ANZPOP acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, Torres Strait Islander, and Maori peoples. We pay respect to their elders past, present and future. We give thanks for the wisdom of these peoples that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience and spirit of traditional peoples in the face of the devastating impact colonisation has had and continues to have on their culture, wellbeing, and sovereignty.