Process Work Training

ANZPOP is no longer offering the PACFA accredited two-year Professional Training in Process Oriented Counselling and Facilitation.

Instead we have a range of specialist one-year programs to support practitioners to deepen their therapeutic and facilitation skills using Process Oriented Psychology (also known as Process Work), as well as our Process Oriented Coaching Program and our mastery program, the Diplomate Training Pathway, and various short workshops.

Process Work is a liberation psychology and social change paradigm that weaves together Jungian psychology, Taoism, communication and systems theory, Indigenous healing approaches, and quantum physics to study and work with the dynamics of human experience at the individual, relationship, group and societal levels.

The one-year courses we are offering in 2020 include:

Dreambody work – for therapists of all kinds who want to learn how to work with the dreaming process as it emerges in night time dreams, day time dreaming experiences, and in particular, through body symptoms and illness as carriers of important psychological material.

Process Oriented Group Facilitation – for facilitators wantintg to deepen their group work.

Power, Rank and Privilege in the Therapeutic Relationship – for therapists of all kinds who want to lean into the often taboo topic of power in the therapeutic relationship. How to spot power processes (especially the subtle ones), how to use them for your client’s benefit, and how to work on your own relationship with power.

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