Dreambody Training

somatic psychotherapy

Learn to work with the body as a channel for the unconscious


Skills and attitudes for working with the client’s emergent somatic process


Work with dreaming as an ongoing process, not just a nighttime phenomenon

The Somatic Psychotherapy Dreambody Training program course is a highly experiential training program for practitioners working in counselling, psychology, social work, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

It is specifically for those wanting to develop skills for working in a deeply experiential, subjective, and phenomenological way that follows the unique change process of the client, as opposed to an externally imposed program of change, while also deepening their own self-knowledge and relationship to their own process of growth and change.

In particular, the course will be of interest to practitioners wanting to work with the meaningful processes within body symptoms experienced by their clients, and the ways in which these connect with nighttime dreams.

This course is designed to help clinicians go confidently beyond talk-therapy to help their clients find the rich meaning and wholeness encoded in their aches, pains, and illnesses.


Due to COVID-19, this course is postponed. Shorter online versions of the same topic will be run in 2021 – sign up to our newsletter to find out when they are scheduled.


The training seminars are conducted in Randwick, Sydney.


Fees range from from $3,430-$4,570, including early bird, group (2+), work-study, and ANZPOP Alumni discounted rates – payment plans available. See the Course Prospectus for full details.


Meet the course architect and lead trainer Dr Silvia Camstral and find out all about the course.

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