Information Session


Sunday 7th March 2021 (find your time here)

Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about studying to become a Process Work Diplomate in ANZPOP’s Diplomate Training Program.

Learn about the structure of the program, what it’s like to study in the program, and how it transforms the student, both personally and professionally.

Speak with ANZPOP’s Executive Director, our most recent graduate, and a current Phase I student.

Liz Scarfe, ANZPOP Executive Director 

Liz graduated from the ANZPOP Diplomate Training Program in 2015 and stepped into the role of Executive Director in 2019. 

She was drawn to Process Work for the depth of insight it provides into group and interpersonal dynamics and the way in which the model is applicable in every context, personal, professional and political.

Through her Process Work studies, Liz started working as a psychotherapist specialising in complex trauma and now combines this with her passion for community building, social change, and cross-cultural ways of understanding the world through her consulting and training work.

Rikki Bandekow, most recent graduate 

Rikki is an experienced counselling psychologist and psychotherapist with a wide range of expertise including working with issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, body symptoms, grief, Autism Spectrum Disorder and relationship difficulties.

Prior to coming to the Process Work Diplomate Training Program, Rikki had completed studies in Gestalt Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

She was drawn to Process Work as it is an awareness practice that considers the social, cultural and political context in which we live and develop symptoms.  She enjoys that Process Work teaches us to follow nature, that it notices and it brings awareness to what is happening with curiosity and openness, not judgement: Process Work invites us to follow the river, to find meaning in the unusual, the disturber, in our dreams, and our longings. She finds it to be the most inclusive, non-judgmental and meaningful therapeutic approach with wide-ranging applications. 

Philip Trewartha, current Phase I student

Philip has over 40 years’ experience in Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Process Improvement and Organisational Change, and has designed and led business improvement programs throughout Australia and Asia.

Philip was first drawn to Process Work in the early 1990s for his own personal development. He perceived its value in organisational settings and now applies it in his work as a basis for supporting inclusion and diversity as part of any business improvement program.

Philip has been deeply influenced by Process Work and Deep Democracy and values facilitating awareness of not only the structural intersection of roles, rank and power in teams but also the Dreaming processes at play in the emergence of sustainable environments in people, teams and whole organisations.

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