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Try one of our Process Work Public Courses – learn the Process Work paradigm as applied to a range of different contexts, from beginner to advanced levels, in these accessible courses.

All our Process Work Public Courses combine professional development with personal development – you’ll learn skills and tools applicable to your work context, as well as deepen your awareness of self, others and the world.

Supplement your learning with materials from our extensive lending library. Over 800 books and dissertations covering a wide range of topics related to everything we teach.

Therapy Master Class Series -Closing 24 May

Online, five-part series, May-July 2023

Being a therapist is a challenging vocation in so many ways! 

We’ve identified the top five challenges therapists most commonly struggle with and developed this deeply engaging and deeply useful program to help address each challenge.

For therapists and therapists-in-training from all modalities and practice contexts.

Living in an Unliveable World

Online, April – Sept 2023

There are so many ways this world is unliveable, particularly for those with marginalised lived experiences.
In a world often hostile to diversity, and sometimes just plain hostile, how can we also experience the wonder of this world?

We’ve brought together six facilitators from around the world, all with unique experiences of unliveable worlds, all finding a way to live in them, in this series of amazing monthly seminars.

Working with Conflict in Groups

Online, 13 June 2023

Conflict is essential for groups. Luckily, it’s also inevitable. But that doesn’t make it less scary to facilitate.

In this facilitation training, we explore and explain the deep processes within conflict experiences and share a range of tools for working with them that you can apply immediately to your group work.

The Skillful Conversation 

Online: Feb, May, & Oct 2023

Understanding how the structure of language works – how it can help or hinder clients to go deeper in their process – is essential in therapy.

Small tweaks to how we understand and use language and paralanguage can make all the difference. 

Working at the Edge of the Unknown

Online: April, June, & Sept 2023

Transformation and growth happen in therapy when clients are supported to work at the edge of the unknown.

Finding and staying at the client’s edge between the known and unknown is an essential skillset for therapists who want to do deep work without causing harm.

Group Supervision with Silvia Camastral

Online: March – June 2023

Small group supervision for therapists from all modalities.


Trauma-Informed Facilitation

Online: Feb & Aug 2023

For people who work with any and all kinds of groups, who want to learn how to design trauma-informed group spaces and build the skills and confidence to respond well when people get triggered in groups.

Bringing together trauma and facilitation theory and practice, with Process Work’s awareness framework for deep transformation. 

Online, six hours split over two sessions. Running twice in 2023. 

Two-Year Process Work Study Program 2024

An extended program for those wanting to explore the depth and breadth of Process Work and it’s applications in a community of learners, face-to-face in Melbourne. Join the wait list to be notified when the program details are available (we’ll just email the once).

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Facilitation Master Class Series 2024

A five-part online training addressing the top five challenges facilitators face in their work with groups. Join the waitlist to be notified when the dates are announced and when registrations open. The 18 places will first be offered to people on the waitlist, and then publicly if the course hasn’t filled. Read more about the program HERE.

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Understanding Power, Rank & Privilege

Free self-study course and subscription to our newsletter

Power, rank, and privilege are in the background of everything. They pattern our societies, our relationships, and our inner realities. Having a language to describe these patterns, and learning to see when and how they are present and the impact they are having, is essential for anyone interested in addressing issues of inequity, deepening relationships, and strengthening community.

Our free, introductory mini-course can help. A three-part program with explainer videos and pdfs to describe the concepts, plus experiential activities to ground the concepts in your own lived experience to make the learning immediately useful. 

ANZPOP acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, Torres Strait Islander, and Maori peoples. We pay respect to their elders past, present and future. We give thanks for the wisdom of these peoples that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience and spirit of traditional peoples in the face of the devastating impact colonisation has had and continues to have on their culture, wellbeing, and sovereignty.