Business Dojo 2022

Conflict & Collaboration and other Paradoxes

We are excited to offer our business and leadership dojo of three sessions  – if you identify as a leader, work with leaders in your role and/or want to develop your inner leader, read on!

Business to us, is any organisation or project with a purpose. It may or may or may not involve financial profit. The people and business interacts in the world and have accountability. The entitiy needs to be viable in order to exist.

Each session will begin with a short presentation on a relevant process-oriented business concept. The main focus of every session is a case offered by a participant for the group to study, as we unfold it with its owner.

A ‘case’ to us is a situation you are carrying, that required some unpacking to be able to enjoy the contents to their full and use them purposefully. ‘A case’ in our imagination is also a metaphor for hidden powers within the participant’s unique being, their role, the purpose, and the structural field they are operating within.

We the facilitators are organisational coaches and love the deep dive into complex situations and conflicts that appear in people, companies and organisations we work with. We have found that these often unfold into magical unforeseen perspectives for an impossible situation with fresh vitality.

We have learned so much from the ancient dojo tradition, where participants come together to learn, spar and practice new postures to take back into life. In that spirit, our title is Business Dojo.

The leadership dojo is exactly as described  …a deep opportunity for learning about yourself, your impact and your next steps on your journey to be the leader you most want to be! Julia and Simone are incredibly skilled and will show you in a gentle and supportive way your impact as a leader in whatever system you choose to work within. It wasn’t always comfortable – growing out of our tightly woven shells rarely is –  and it was much needed! Raggi Kotak Barrister; Facilitator; Coach, UK

A valuable, transformative process, Partly due to a level of intensity of the experience which will support an ongoing effect for me
I loved the form and the creativity. Such a unique offering  – and has already had lasting impact
 – CEO of a peak body in Australia

Our interactive approach to unfolding a case is a space for everyone to witness and support the case presenter of the moment.

You will get to experience and try out our tried and tested process work tools, in particular:

  • Your magical mojo: finding your special ingredient for showing up as YOU in your situation and/or role
  • Role mapping and structural analysis
  • The deep democracy conflict cycle and phase approach
  • Leveraging shifts at multiple levels, by identifying the entry point for the work and interventions – personal, team or structural
  • Harvesting new awakenings among the group of participants who find resonances with their own situation.

Be prepared to go beyond surface answers, to be challenged, and allow yourself to be in a temporary state of unknowing where new insights can emerge!


Julia Wolfson and Simone Brecht are organizational facilitators and leader-ship coaches. Both are passionate and life-long Process Work students, and Process Work Diplomates. They became friends and colleagues while studying and training with the global Deep Democracy Institute.


Julia Wolfson, PhD, PW Dipl.

Julia coaches leaders, teams and lifestyle artists internationally, in becoming more adept, creative and joyful in aligning inner aspirations with their external situation.  She lives in Canberra, Australia and collaborates with an international team of deep democracy facilitators. Julia has a Masters degree in Social Ecology and a PhD in Human Ecology. ANZPOP is her Australian home for collaborative learning and teaching of Process Work as two sides of the same coin. 


Simone Brecht, MBA, PW Dipl.

Simone worked for international corporations in senior leadership roles before making the transition to consulting. She accompanies organizations and executives in change processes. Simone has a Masters degree in business administration and training in systemic organizational development as well as being Process Work Diplomate. Simone is based in Hamburg, Germany. She is passionate about Tai Chi and studies the art of Yin and Yang. 



November 8,15 and 22

AESTD: 6pm – 9pm

CET: 8am – 11am

ITC: 3pm – 6pm


The dojo is online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent prior to the beginning of each session. Participants should plan to have their videos on if their bandwidth allows.


$600 – corporate rate (email us at if you need an invoice sent and an alternative payment method)
$340 – self-funded or NGO rate

For participants joining from regions with significantly different economies, please contact us at for an adjusted rate.

Participant numbers are limited to make for a high interaction and collegial learning space.

If you have any questions about the series you can contact Julia or Simone via email:


Registrations for the dojo close on 25th October 2022.

Cancellations seven or more days’ before the first session will be fully refunded, less a 10% administration fee.

Cancellations with less than seven days’ notice will not be refunded. No refunds are available once the program has begun.

Participants are welcome to transfer their registration to someone else prior to the first session but not afterward.


To register for the workshop, please complete the form and payment process below (you can use either Paypal or credit card). If you have any questions, please contact us at

ANZPOP acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, Torres Strait Islander, and Maori peoples. We pay respect to their elders past, present and future. We give thanks for the wisdom of these peoples that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience and spirit of traditional peoples in the face of the devastating impact colonisation has had and continues to have on their culture, wellbeing, and sovereignty.