DreamWork DreamPlay Training Series

online workshop series

Stepping into the unknown realms of our dreams offers rich insights into our waking life. Learn how to coax out these insights with Process Work skills and metaskills.

These highly experiential online workshops are for both newcomers to Process Work as well as formal or informal students of Process Work. You may be curious to explore your own dreams and/or want to develop skills for supporting others to work with their dreams. This training will be valuable for therapists wanting to incorporate dreamwork into their professional practice.

The learning approach include demonstrations, experiential exercises, work in pairs, group discussions, and feedback. 


1: Entering into the Dreamspace

Thursday 1 Feb, 2024, 5pm – 7pm AEST

Enter the Dreamspace as we begin our Dreamwork journey by exploring the meanings behind dreams and what inner attitudes are most effective to work with them. With this knowledge, we’ll enter together into the wondrous world of dreams.

2: Process Work with Dreams

Thursday 15 Feb, 2024, 5pm – 7pm AEST

In the Process Work model, we work with the pervasive and continual dreaming process that emerges in our body experiences, relationship issues, and in the world, as well as in our nighttime dreams.

Explore this theory of dreaming process and how to apply it to working with dreams, in particular, how to find the dream aspects that hold the key for insight and growth.

3: Deepening into the Dreamspace

Thursday 29 Feb, 2024, 5pm – 7pm AEST

Deepen your knowledge of how to apply Process Work to dreams, learning a range of process-oriented dreamwork skills and techniques for unfolding the meaning in a range of different dream experiences. 

4: Dancing with the Dreammaker

Thursday 14 March, 2024, 5pm – 7pm AEST

Progress to more advanced awareness methods for dreamwork, learning to identify and process our ‘edges’ to the insights and advice offered by our dreams.

Building on our skills and metaskills, journey deeper in experiential practice to get the most from what the Dreammaker presents to us in the night.


Martin Hemsley, PhD

Dr Martin Hemsley (also called ‘Sananda’) is a psychotherapist, facilitator, teacher and author. His practice is based on Process Work, and he works from his home in Arakwal country, the Byron Bay area of New South Wales, Australia. In his practice, he has a particular focus on working with dreams.

Martin is a Process Work Diplomate and member of the ANZPOP Process Work training faculty.

Alongside dreamwork, Martin is passionate about healing, having himself undergone transformative shamanic experiences which have given him a deep appreciation of healing processes and alternate realities and states of consciousness.

He is particularly interested in working with spiritual emergence, and also in working with other healers. In his 2019 book ‘Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers’ (based on his PhD), Martin explored with other healers their awesome, painful, beautiful and challenging lifepaths.

Penny Watson

Penny is passionate about supporting people to live their dreams. She works as a mentor, coach, group facilitator and community development worker.

She has an enduring interest in exploring holistic approaches to social change and ecological sustainability. She also loves working with people in nature using process-orientated earth-based practices. This is both a personal and professional practice that helps her stay closer to following her own nature.


Penny graduated in 2007 from Master Arts Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change at PWI, Portland.

She lives in Alice Springs, Mparntwe, and is deeply inspired by the people and lands of the Central Desert.


Cost: $400 for all four workshops.

Concessions rates are available and fair trade rates for participants from regions with significantly different economies. To enquire, contact Penny at communityfacilitation@gmail.com.


Cancellations with two or less days notice will not be refunded. Cancellations with three or more days notice will receive a 50% fee refund. 


Participants are eligible for a discounted private dreamwork session with Penny or Martin (your choice), January – April 2024. Only $60.


Individual class registration is not available for this series.

The sessions are live online and will not be recorded.

ANZPOP acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the Maori First Nations peoples. We pay respect to their elders across time. We give thanks for the Indigenous knowledge that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience, and spirit of First Nations peoples to counter the ongoing impacts of colonisation on their culture, well-being, and sovereignty.

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