Finding Your Double

Process Work and Shamanism online workshop series
Join Grzegorz and Martin (Sananda) in this exciting work at the edge of the known.
Learn how to support your own and other’s growth and understanding using skills and meta-skills based in Shamanism.
Practice together to find a new way in relating to the world, and discover ease in negotiating the different states of reality.
‘Finding Your Double’ is based on the ground-breaking work of Arnold Mindell, the founder of Process Work (Process-Oriented Psychology). Dr Mindell’s breathtaking book ‘The Shaman’s Body’ is grounded in his encounters with shamans throughout the world, on his deep connection to the teachings on Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, and on his experience as a therapist and world-worker facilitating countless shamanic processes of individuals, couples and groups.

In “Finding your Double” you will learn how to use shamanism to bring awareness to disturbing or mysterious experiences, and freedom to the sense of limitation we feel when we are confined into an excessively narrow sense of the world and who we are in it. If you are a therapist, you may be empowered by the awareness practices, skills and meta-skills you learn in these workshops to better support your clients when they undergo big altered states and challenging shamanic and other life transitions.

Stopping the World

25 November 2020, Wednesday, 4pm – 6.30pm AEDT

The world is deeply sentient and it’s constantly reaching out to us. Focused on everyday tasks we tend to marginalise its approaches. We need a different kind of attention and a discipline to pick up on messages our world is sending us. 

Too often we forget that creativity and experience of our deeper nature is completely bound to connection to earth.

In this first workshop, you will learn about how to find your “double’ or ‘the Big You” by picking up the momentary flirts from the environment, with the help of special awareness techniques and a skill we call ‘stopping the world”.


Wrestling with Your Ally

9 December 2020, Wednesday, 4pm – 6.30pm AEDT

In his apprenticeship with Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda learned to face up to and capture a wild, unseen power that stalked him. This was his ally, and mastering it brought him his biggest power.  

We encounter the ally during major challenges in our lives, such as trauma, near death experiences, key periods of life transition, or undertaking new roles. 

We will learn where to look for an ally, and practice how to work with it rather than be overtaken by it or become victim to it.


Death and the Double

16 December 2020, Wednesday, 4pm – 6.30pm AEDT

Shamans know that living in constant relationship with Death keeps them engaged with the powers that hold them as healers, mediums and travellers through the different worlds. 

Finding and capturing the force of your death will empower you to know and embody the Self – the source of your personal reality and your sentient link with the great world in which we are all enfolded.

Learn with us about Death as the force behind the double and life.


The Trainers

Martin Hemsley, PhD

Dr Martin Hemsley (also called ‘Sananda’) is a psychotherapist, facilitator, teacher and author. His practice is based on Process Work, and he works from his home in Arakwal country, the Byron Bay area of New South Wales, Australia. In his practice, he has a particular focus on working with dreams.

Martin has a Diploma in Process Work (also known as Process Oriented Psychology or Dreambodywork), which he studied through ANZPOP where he is now a member of faculty.

Alongside dreamwork, Martin is passionate about healing, having himself undergone transformative shamanic experiences which have given him a deep appreciation of healing processes and alternate realities and states of consciousness.

He is particularly interested in working with spiritual emergence, and also in working with other healers. In his 2019 book ‘Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers’ (based on his PhD), Martin explored with other healers their awesome, painful, beautiful and challenging lifepaths.

Grzegorz Zielinski

Grzegorz (pronounced zhe-gosh) is a process oriented psychotherapist, coach and facilitator. 

Grzegorz has been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2003, offering individualrelationship and couples psychotherapy.

From 2003 to 2015 he was working at the Poza Centrum Psychotherapy and Coaching Centre in Warsaw, Poland. In October 2015 he moved to Melbourne and joined the Melbourne Processwork Centre.


Grzegorz teaches Process Work across three continents, being a faculty member with ANZPOP, the Institute of Process Psychology in Poland, and the Process Work Institute India. Before moving to Australia, he was a teacher of the two-year Certificate in Processwork Psychology in Wroclaw, Poland.

He is a Certified Process Oriented Coach and supervises coaches at the Institute of Process Psychology in Warsaw and is the principal trainer for the ANZPOP/MPWC Process Oriented Coaching Program.

Grzegorz has a strong interest in social issues. He was the co-founder of the Social Dialogue Centre in the Polish Association of Psychotherapist and Practitioners of Process Psychology, through which he facilitated many public debates, open forums and group processes.

Fees and Cancellations

The fee for each online workshop is $90.

An early-bird discount of $250 for all three workshops until 11th November 2020.

Cancellations with less than two days notice will not be refunded. Cancellations with more than two days notice will receive a 50% fee refund.

ANZPOP acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, Torres Strait Islander, and Maori peoples. We pay respect to their elders past, present and future. We give thanks for the wisdom of these peoples that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience and spirit of traditional peoples in the face of the devastating impact colonisation has had and continues to have on their culture, wellbeing, and sovereignty.