Through the Roof - Deep Body Work in the Stress Epidemic

two-day training in Process Work Deep Body Work, Melbourne, 22 & 23 March 2024

Where individual psychology and physiology meet the world and mythic body processes of collective entanglement

 Our world is going increasingly fast, and the pressure to do, achieve, respond, and be informed about everything, is burning people out.

Bodyworkers and therapists are seeing more and more clients on the brink of burnout and many are already deep in it.

Whilst some approaches frame this as a problem of the individual (and a lack of adequate ‘self-care’), many people see a connection to the bigger picture:

this stress epidemic is a disturbing, yet meaningful community/world process.

POP Intensive Melbourne

What does Process Work offer here

 At the heart of the Process Work approach to body work, is the idea that our body is communicating with us all the time – its language is what we call body symptoms.

Process Work helps us learn the language of the body, that is, a set of attitudes, tools, and skills that translate each unique communication from the body.

In Deep Bodywork, we explore how body symptoms show us something about ourselves and our entanglement with mythic world process, and uncover our unique contributions to the world and our communities.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for people who have body symptoms and people who work with body symptoms in others.

For people who have body symptoms

Pretty much everyone has body symptoms.

Some are acute/short-term, and generally provide insight into momentary processes in our lives.

Some are chronic/long-term and reflect the mythic process that spans our life. 

Whether you have acute and/or chronic body symptoms, this workshop is for you if you are curious about what your symptoms are trying to communicate about your identity and life purpose.

People who work with body symptoms in others

For therapists and bodyworkers (and students of both) who yearn to do more with pain release, easing of tension, and managing symptoms.

Those who feel their current tools don’t go deep enough to work with the underlying and collective processes they know are part of their client’s presenting problems.

Open to therapists and therapists-in-training from all therapeutic approaches and bodyworkers and bodyworkers-in-training from all bodywork modalities, including less recognised bodywork professions such as sex work, and cosmetic body modification.

This is a highly experiential workshop – great for people who love, like or are willing to learn experientially. You will be learning deep bodywork through working with your own body symptoms.

What you’ll gain

Greater understanding of the body as a channel for communicating meaning and awareness.

Tools for making sense of body communications.

Insights about how your symptoms are connected to world processes and the meaning this has in your life.

Understanding how your unique process is needed in and by the world, and how to live it more fully.

Less Stress! A common stressor that’s rarely talked about but incredibly prevalent is the stress of insufficient meaning, following the wrong path in life, and unlived parts of self. Deep bodywork offers insights and resolutions for all three.

What do you need to know about Process Work?

Nothing. Really.

You just need an interest to learn, and a willingness to learn experientially – that is, to use your own personal experiences as a learning context, using methods other than thinking.


Grzegorz Zieliński

Grzegorz is a process oriented psychotherapist in private practice since 2003. Passionate about living a life of meaning and Process Work’s tools for navigating meaning as on ongoing process over time, Grzegorz loves helping people learn how to relate with their body as an ally in finding and staying on your path of heart.

Full bio here

Bec Lang

Bec is passionate about mythic life processes (she dedicated her Process Work thesis to exploring this) and the connection between symptoms and world processes – the way we are called to contribute to collective processes through our individual symptoms. 

Full bio here.


Dates & Times

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March 2024

Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-4


Boyd Community Hub
207 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006


Professional Development points

This course meets the requirements for Category A, Continuing Professional Development points with PACFA. 

If you are a member of another professional association, please check the eligibility requirements as PD frameworks differ widely.


Workshop fees

Organisation rate: $680

Standard rate: $490

Concession rate: $240


Fees will be fully refunded with more than seven business days’ notice of cancellation.

For cancellations with less than seven but more than two business days’ notice, 50% of fees will be refunded.

Cancellations with less than two business days’ notice will not be refunded.

You can transfer your ticket at anytime prior to the commencement of the workshop. Just let us know so we can welcome the new attendee properly.

ANZPOP acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the Maori First Nations peoples. We pay respect to their elders across time. We give thanks for the Indigenous knowledge that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience, and spirit of First Nations peoples to counter the ongoing impacts of colonisation on their culture, well-being, and sovereignty.

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