Working with Inner Criticism

Online, once in 2024

Skills, insights, and tools to deepen your ‘inner critic’ work – for therapists (and therapists-in-training).

Inner criticism is THE psychological issue of our times. 

It’s a long-term process both in the individual and the culture, and there are no quick fixes (sorry).

But there are more (and less) effective ways of working with it.

Who is it for?

This course is for therapists and therapists-in-training who want to feel confident in their capacity to identify when inner criticism is presenting and how to work with it effectively (with clients,  self, and within the therapeutic dynamic).

It’s also for people who like to learn both theoretically and experientially.

All modalities are welcome, no prior knowledge of Process Work is needed.

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify the subtle (and not so subtle) signals that inner criticism is at play.
  • The psychodynamic pattern and role structure of inner criticism that help you work with it.
  • The connection between internalised oppression, trauma, and inner criticism.
  • A range of creative techniques and interventions to use with inner criticism.
  • How to discern what kind of techniques to use when (and when not to work on inner criticism).
  • How the client’s inner criticism process entangles with the therapist’s own inner criticism process (we’re not immune of course).

Course Structure

The course is delivered in three modules. Each module includes a recorded theory lecture to watch before attending a two-hour online group class where we work with the material live combining case consultation, experiential processes and live demonstration.

Module 1 – Perceiving the field – learn how to identify when inner criticism is at play, what kind of criticism, and what this indicates in terms of interventions

Module 2 – Intervention techniques – learn more than a dozen creative ways to work with inner criticism and how to discern what kind of intervention to use when

Module 3 – Parallel Processes and Critic Entanglements – explore the intersection of the client and therapist’s critics, how this shows up in the therapeutic work, how to make it useful for clients, and how it’s connected to therapist burnout.


Dr Silvia Camastral

Silvia has over thirty years experience as a process-oriented psychotherapist in private practice and clinical supervisor. She is passionate about for supporting the development of therapists, in particular, helping them deepen their skills to make the work more rewarding and enlivening.

Full bio here.

Liz Scarfe

Liz has been in private practice specialising in complex trauma and social marginality for the past ten years. Her work as both a therapist and a clinical supervisor has shown her what an epidemic inner criticism has become, and the need for therapists to have a diverse and effective toolkit to work with it.

Full bio here.


Dates & Times

This course will run once in 2024, from 10am – 12noon Brisbane time, on Wednesday 1, 8, & 15 May, 2024.

REGISTRATIONS HAVE CLOSED FOR THIS WORKSHOP. Join our newsletter list to hear when the next one is scheduled.



Standard fee: $600

Concession fee: $400

Fairtrade rates are available to people from Global South economies or similar. Please contact us via to arrange this.

Payment options

You can pay either via Paypal (using a Paypal account or using a credit card, no Paypal account needed), direct bank deposit, or via an invoice to your employer if they are paying.


The course is a mixture of pre-recorded theory lectures, and live experiential learning sessions.

The pre-recorded theory lecture will only be available to watch in the week before the next live session.

The live sessions will be recorded but only viewable to those who attended the session for the purpose of deepening their learning. The recording will be available to view for one week after the session.

If you miss a live session, you will not be able to watch the recording.

Professional Development points

This course meets the requirements for Category A, continuing professional development points with PACFA for the live session content, a total of six hours. Recorded content is eligible for Category B points.

The course will also be eligible for continuing professional development points with ACA.

Please check the guidelines for other associations such as AASW and APS to confirm eligibility.



Cancellations with eight or more business days’ notice will be refunded in full.

Cancellations with less than eight days business days’ notice will not be refunded.

No refunds are available once the course has started.

ANZPOP acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the Maori First Nations peoples. We pay respect to their elders across time. We give thanks for the Indigenous knowledge that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience, and spirit of First Nations peoples to counter the ongoing impacts of colonisation on their culture, well-being, and sovereignty.

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