how to make giving and receiving feedback nourishing and flourishing

One-day workshop, 15th April 2023 , CERES Melbourne

Giving and receiving feedback is the bread and butter of our everyday life. It’s conscious and unconscious. The ongoing cycle is often called a feedback loop. You’re in a feedback loop when you check the temperature leaving the house, in a performance appraisal with a co-worker, hiring or letting go an employee, or feel a nice tingling in the belly when looking at a cake in the bakery. You’re in a feedback loop when teaching students in a class, observing a dog walking past you in the park, or checking out your friend’s reactions when you’re about to bring up a difficult topic. When you are deciding whether to stay or leave a job, you’re in a feedback loop.

Feedback loops contain rich information, carried by visible and invisible signals.

The receiver gets a content message as well as other messages, some that are intended and other not intended, by the feedback giver.

When all the messages match, the feedback is usually easier to receive.

But getting them to match? That’s easier said than done!

One way to become more congruent in giving and receiving feedback is to find your unique way that supports your sense of wholeness and joy, even in difficult moments. The depth psychology pioneer CG Jung used the term life myth for the enduring and timeless pattern unique to each person, that supports you throughout your lifetime. This life myth pattern can be a great help in making the path of receiving and giving feedback easier and more meaningful. 



In this one day workshop at the beautiful CERES venue on the Merri Creek in Melbourne, you’ll find our life myth and explore how having access to this life myth shapes and supports the way you give and receive feedback. You’ll take away practical tools that you can use immediately.

We’ll also share some fascinating research from the workplace on feedback loops and why telling people ‘what they need to do differently’ and ‘how they can improve’, rarely has the desired effect. 

We hope you can join us! 

BEHIND THE SCENES (this is how we designed the workshop!)

We’re both passionate about collaborative learning, teaching from one’s own grounded experience, and teaching as a way to learn. Here’s some short snippets of the conversations we had about feedback, that form the bones of the workshop…

Feedback as nourishment

Cognitive bias

Notice and follow feedback

Tracking information signals


Dr Julia Wolfson

I am a process-oriented coach and facilitator. I work in assisted living communities with residents, caregivers ad leaders. My greatest “feedback teachers” have been people who communicate non-verbally and non-intellectually. They have taught me to “read” information that is not yet obvious in order to join them where they are at, for deeper, meaningful and productive interactions as a basis for designing supports and care environments. Process Work’s  precise and scientifically based methods for tracking feedback at different levels of experience helps me deepen my learning in interactions with clients and students, in practising the art of facilitating feedback inside me, feedback from others and feedback from the environment and feedback from ancestors.


I am thankful to the Deep Democracy Institute teachers and co-learners and to ANZPOP fellow seekers on my path of personal growth and putting together my feedback toolkit.

Grzegorz Zieliński

I’m a process oriented psychotherapist in private practice since 2003.
I teach Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology) at ANZPOP and at the Institute of Process Psychology in Poland.

Process Work is a lot about feedback. Having been a student and practitioner of Process Work for almost 20 years I’ve learned to trust feedback from outside and from inside. Both in my practice and private life. I’m also aware of how I’m feedback for others, the world and my inner parts.

Together with Katarzyna Bekier from IPP, I co-developed  a specialised program about feedback, delivered in the organisational context and as workshops and lectures open to the general public.


15 April, 2023

10am – 5pm



The fee for the training is $250 AUD but we don’t want anyone to miss out due to funds so please get in touch at if you need a reduced rate.

Cancellations with less than two days notice will not be refunded. Cancellations with more than two days notice will receive an 80% fee refund.


CERES – an environmental education centre Corner Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East VIC 3057


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ANZPOP acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands we live and work on, the Aboriginal Australian, and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the Maori First Nations peoples. We pay respect to their elders across time. We give thanks for the Indigenous knowledge that has informed the Process Work approach. We honour the courage, resilience, and spirit of First Nations peoples to counter the ongoing impacts of colonisation on their culture, well-being, and sovereignty.

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